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Design & Engineering
We deliver customized innovative solutions with an experienced team of design professionals to help with concepts, thermal and technical calRead more
Determined by the panels’ length, Aegis Top Sheets can be produced onsite or in our factory. Our fully automated “American Technology “machiRead more
Installation & Project Management
We professionally oversee every aspect of the project from the initial concept through design, manufacturing, quality control, and logisticsRead more

Why Aegis


Ultimate in design flexibility to create functional ,and technically perfect Freeform complex Building Envelope , with the possibilities to provide: convex, concave and angular architectural roof shapes.
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Area of Application

For centuries the standing seam system specializes in projects that appear impossible at first glance. The system enables designs that, for a long time, were simply not possible.As it can adapt and complement almost any roof shape…
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Green Technology

As any other type of metal roof and due to its better insulating abilities, it can offer not only a 40% reduction in energy costs in the summer, and also up to a 15% reduction in the energy costs in the winter.

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Appreciation letter0

Appreciation letter for Completion of Standing Seam System for Canopy Roof

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Aegis 70 roofing material0

Aegis 70 The Structural Profile

The Structural Profile Mechanically zipped Standing seam roofing system. Applicable for Roof pitches down to 1.5°. Does not require a substr
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Aegis 50 roofing materials1

Aegis 50 The Architectural Profile

This Seam design offers structural strength and also provides an aesthetically appealing look similar to that of an architectural panel.
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image of water test0

Aegis System Water Test For ADNOC HQ By Thomas Bell-Wright

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Seam roof0

An Architect’s Guide To: Standing Seam Roofs

Designing high-performance roofs with standing seam. Metal roofs have been used throughout history to stand the test of time. From the Roman
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5 Safety Tips For Working At Heights0

Working At Heights? Safety Tips To Adhere By

Working safely at heights takes preparation, education, and determination. Safety focus while working at heights, like roofs is of utmost im
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ARCO Work In Progress Abu Dhabi0

Work In Progress In Abu Dhabi

Work in progress in Adnoc Headquarters project in Abu Dhabi
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Standing Seam Vs Conventional Roofs1

ARCO Standing Seam VS Conventional Roofs

Conventional Roofs Lifespan Corrugated metal roofs are installed with fasteners that are exposed to the elements. the screws will eventually
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