Design possibilities

We provide ultimate design flexibility to create functional, and technically perfect freeform complex Building Envelope, with the possibilities to provide: convex, concave and angular architectural roof shapes. When dealing with complex designs, this system portrays an outstanding and technologically advanced appearance. It’s a multi-component system that offers limitless design and structural solutions, outstanding thermal resistance, and acoustic performance. Since it’s been designed to meet detailed project expectations, it’s manufactured to precise standards and tolerances. Secret fix standing seam built up systems have been used throughout the construction industry for many decades maintaining the principle from undimmed design to installation, providing a continuous weather tight roof with no end laps. In addition, there are no exposed pierce fixings, creating a simple strong Building Envelope, offers distinguished performance and total versatility.

Cost Saving

  • Lightweight building system, requiring less structural support.
  • Virtually maintenance-free throughout a long life – low whole life cost.
  • Fast, simple installation.

Flexibility in sheet size – onsite rolling

The standing seam panels offer the flexibility of being manufactured onsite, starting from 1 meter up to 150 meters. This allows envelopes to be constructed using very long panel lengths, eliminating the need for any end-laps and considerably increasing the speed of construction. Alternatively, it can be factory formed up to 15 m length.

Sustainability & Durability

The system provides a high load-bearing structural solution with excellent resistance to wind uplift. Despite its lightweight, the standing seam provides increased wind resistance when compared to other roofing materials. Aegis’ range of profiles is tested and certified with  UL580, Class 90 Rating with Aluminum options being the preferred choice for highly demanding environments such as airports, marine, industrial and urban locations. Inherently durable, Aluminum offers almost maintenance free weather-resistance performance. This creates an inert oxidized layer that is highly resistant to corrosion and most pollutants and is non-sensitive to UV for the lifetime of the building. Site Welding Enhanced lifetime weatherization performance is achieved by site-welded watertight interface junctions and penetrations.

Thermal Resistance

A standing seam metal roof can deliver an excellent thermal performance which can help reduce a building’s overall energy waste.  Thus, it can deliver substantial savings over its lifetime. It can be customized to any insulation specification requirements, and accordingly can accommodate a variety of insulation products and deliver very low U-values with no effect on roof service life. It’s possible to achieve levels as low as 0.1W/m²K and lower for certain specific projects. The U-value of the system is also affected by the thermal bridge caused by the type of clips used and the frequency of clips penetrating the insulation layer (clips/m2), which in turn depends on the project structural load requirements.

Acoustic Performance

Various methods for improving reaction to sounds are available. An engineered combination of perforated metal roof deck profiles and acoustic insulation forms a structural barrier that can drastically reduce sound reverberation, and provide excellent acoustic ability.

Over-Roofing Refurbishment System

Offering exceptional weather resistance and durability, the product is suitable for both new build needs space and refurbishment applications.

Aluminum standing seam roofing can be fitted on top of existing roofs due to its lightweight properties without adding too much loading. Thus, it is a perfect solution for roofing refurbishment projects.

Weather protection (Air and Water Tightness)

The system is proven to deliver weathertight performance for 40 years or more. It ensures strength and watertight integrity due to its double interlocking side joints, its concealed clips and fixing details without any through fasteners in the Top sheet. Furthermore, its long length panels technology eliminates the need for any end laps. The roof acts as a monolithic surface covering the entire building. The system is also impervious to Air leakage. For marine areas such as seaside towns which have to deal with salt water corrosion and high winds, you would generally use Aluminum, Copper or a specially coated steel. The interlocking sections fix directly to the supporting structure, concealing the fixings and providing complete protection from the elements.

Expected life

If correctly installed following the manufacturers’ installation guide, it can last through the entire lifecycle of the building. An anticipated service life of a standing seam roof can be well in excess of 50 years. Generally, standing seam metal roofs require practically zero maintenance and can be cleaned easily with water.

Floating Action

Metal naturally expands and contracts as it warms and cools. Therefore, metal standing seam roofing systems have been designed to accommodate this type of movement. This provides flexibility for the roof panels to move with the daily and seasonal temperature changes.