Top Sheet – System Component

Top Sheet – System Component

Top Sheet

Standing seam systems use special Secret fix Top sheet profiles as a  weather sheet with concealed fasteners. This provides greater reliability and encourages their use on very low slope roofs.

Combining the advantages of both types of the standing seam joining details with the mechanical zipping and the clip- lock detail, Aegis profiles provides strength, weather tightness, durability and higher speed of installation, in comparison to other standing seam systems.

Using the clip-lock detail first means that once the first row of clips is set, no further measuring and pre-assembling of every clip is needed. It’s time-saving during the installation process and reduces defects very effectively.  Adding the mechanical zipping ensures that the system is tightly seamed; hence increasing the system’s strength and resistance to air leakage.

To meet and cover all types of projects’ requirements (Residential, Commercial, Industrial) in terms of design flexibility and technicality, Aegis Top sheet comes in 3 different profiles where each has its own area of application.